UDRD-User Driven Reasoned DatabaseThe innovative easy-to-use IT platform for cosmetic safety assessments


What is it?

A toxicological database. And much more.
Complete, shared, reasoned.

TOXTOOL® ISRepresentative

Find immediately over 90% of the ingredients used in the cosmetic sector and ask for all the ingredients of your interest


The SCCS Notes of Guidance guides our tool with toxicological data and frames that are always updated for new challenges


A referenced team with over 30 years of industry experience and independent university scientific supervision
User friendly

TOXTOOL® ISUser friendly

Forget about courses, local installations, updates, user manuals. Log in and look for any information that is useful for you


Scientific Literature, In Silico, Ingredients Scientific Reasoning. Data from scientific literature is an indispensable basis. In ToxTool® they are implemented with the most recent In Silico methodologies, thanks to the elaborations carried out by our experts with European platforms used by ECHA and suggested by SCCS. A scientific reasoning for each ingredient, to better support the evaluation of your finished product.

User driven

Born from the twenty-year study of the needs of cosmetic companies and Safety Assessors. Users can request data on ingredients not yet present in the tool: they will be implemented quickly and free of charge.

Shared and Protected

The data is shared between the Safety Assessors and qualified contributors who contribute to the constant implementation of the database. Sharing means expanded verification and comparison between expert users. Therefore: greater defensibility for your Assessments. All reports made with ToxTool® carry a security QR code, to guarantee the origin and your ownership of the data.

Evolving, NGRA Ready

Integrated with NOAEL In Silico predictive data and implemented in view of the upcoming challenges of the Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA). Our team, in support of the tool that will be constantly evolved, will be able to support you in the scientific transition towards the highest level of compliance. Trust our team: skills, reliability, robust reputation, experience in the sector and scientific supervision at your service.


You can add your own data to the database, your reports and modify them as you wish: they will only be visible to you. You can easily upload your formulas (from your directories) and automatically derive Skin, Oral, Inhalation exposures, QRA and MoS. The reports can be in pdf format or you can download the "raw" data as .xml file, freely.

LOGIN TOXTOOL®Browse our Online Toxicology Database

WHO WE ARETrust in real experts in the sector

We are a referenced team with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field and in independent university scientific supervision

Online toxicological database

You will have a complete dashboard for an overview of the most relevant endpoints and parameters of each substance / ingredient, or of your complete formulas, in summary or detailed: ToxTool® calculates for Dermal, Oral, Inhalation, QRA and MoS Exposure.

HOW DOES IT WORK?Its features

Upload your formulas

For viewing the data in your product. You can process them and keep them updated in the archive, or export.

Reasoning of the ingredients

The “bricks” of the Reasoning of the finished product

Calculation of the level of exposure and MoS

According to the SCCS NoG guideline

Data export

For an easy introduction in the Cosmetic Product Safety Report, it offers in a few clicks an impeccable report in pdf and compatible with the current software for the PIF creation

FOR WHO?It is made for

the regulatory team
the Safety Assessor
the R&D team, according to the most current Safe by Design trends


Thanks to the set of assessed and validated data, easily available in ToxTool®, your Safety Assessments will be more accurate and efficient, with a significant reduction in risks, timing and costs.


MoCRA Ready: the new Modernisation of Cosmetic Regulation Act, in effect from December 29, 2023 in the USA, imposes a series of new obligations, including the preparation of a Safety Substantiation for each product. The FDA has established a set of requirements and guidelines regarding the sources to be used for conducting the assessment, which are already included in ToxTool®. Therefore, the toxicological tables that ToxTool® can generate in real-time for your products are already aligned with these requirements and can be used as a basis for creating Safety Substantiations. Please contact us for further information!

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